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The First Soars Into the Next Century

By Kristin Hill

Recognizing the Centennial of Military Powered Flight and the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron Heritage

Original Oil Painting 30" x 40"

The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is the United States military's oldest flying unit, established as the First Provisional Aero Squadron on 5 March 1913. The squadron has maintained an unbroken heritage from its founding and celebrates its centennial anniversary in 2013. The TU-2S Dragon Lady, T-38 Talon and RQ-4 Global Hawk are currently flown by the 1 RS. The JN-3, Salmson 2A2, B-29, B-47 and SR-71 are five of forty seven airframes flown during its century of service.

Special 1 RS Centennial Limited Edition Lithograph
signed and numbered by Kristin Hill
Image Size 18" x 24" plus border

The First Soars Into the Next Century is available as a Limited Edition reproduction lithographic print issued in 2013 by the artist Kristin Hill to be an edition of 366 prints, signed and numbered by the artist in pencil, with the painting image measuring 18” x 24” placed within a surrounding border and printed on acid free paper. The Artist Proof Edition consists of 36 prints of the same description. The sole copyright and rights of reproduction are retained by the artist Kristin Hill © 2013.

The Limited Edition of 366 prints is available through the Beale Liaison Group in support of the 1st Reconnaissance Squadron.

In recognition of dedicated surveillance coverage and the statement “a U-2 in the sky every minute of every day” the Limited Edition consists of 366 prints. Of these 366 prints, the final 24 prints display an additional special numbering sequence of 1 through 24 over the number 24/7. The final print of the edition is 366 of 366 and 24 of 24/7.

Print numbers 1 through 10, print 100 and the 24/7 series are $350 each
Print numbers 11 through 25 are $100 each
All other print numbers are $75 each with a special 1RS Centennial Event discount price of $50 each through March 8, 2013.

These prints may be purchased by contacting:

Beale Liaison Group
P.O. Box 1154
Yuba City, CA 95992
phone 530-822-0228
email jsn2288@gmail.com

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Artist Proof Edition of 36 prints my be purchased from Kristin Hill, for more information please contact Kristin at Kristin@KristinHillArtist.com.

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